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Wicked Weapons

Tempting me again, indecent and serene
Crave your wicked ways, awoken from a dream
I have got a song, it hasn't seen the light
We'll sing it together when the time is right
All the tiny moments soon over and done
All crashing together before they've begun
You would meet me halfway waiting for the night
The rest will go away waiting for the light
Now you broke your promise, leave with whom you please
Take your fiendish kindness far away from me
Lying on the floor telling you to quit
Such a lovely girl but not everyone will see it
Elegance, composure, and confidence beckons
I love your wicked weapons
It's been cold years since back on Broad Street
And you haven't got a clue
Since I was crazed, spending all the days with you
- Mike Ledwith
Feel The Same

Hey am I to blame?
And does everyone around me feel the same?
Am I the sole convicted and ashamed?
Or does everyone around me feel the same?
Cause I can't think of why things are the way
They seem to be and everybody's strange
One gives in while another takes the reins
Wondering of the limits for their games
Working hard to look the other way
While someone's at our pockets every day
Well I wonder why we work so hard to stay
But does everyone around me feel the same?
I work to find a little brighter day
Search the sun to provide a brighter ray
But I'm certain some things certainly never change
Yet the world keeps turning at a steady pace
And I wonder if we ever stop the race
Would all our sovereign trophies be erased?
Where are all our hope and morals placed,
When everything around me's looking staged?
And I wonder if we ever stop the race,
The underdog stop working all his days...
Well I'd love to see a little bit brighter day
But does everyone around me feel the same?
What a world we're living in these days
Our thoughts only as deep as we relate
The cost of leaning on one more escape
The cost of leaving with so much at stake
Well the heart belongs inside its narrow cage
With a mind that keeps on narrowing with age
For a thief to find the error of his ways
He must resign to forfeit all his gains
- Josiah Solberg
Lives We Lead

We pass through the years, today another today
We think we’re so essential, that we have no debt to pay.
Chimneys blow out smoke, the world just groans and sighs,
As buses exhale people, we tell our hurtful lies.
What’s it really for, these moments that we steal?
They pass us by so quickly, made up of things unreal.
We watch the storms roll in, angry clouds puffed out,
Purple skies of rage, and all we do is shout.
Life’s left me broken, our words fall out in emptiness,
But we keep running scared, and wonder at our loneliness.
We find our strength unwavering, but shrouded in regretfulness
We cry out in grief and shame, calling out Your name.
Tomorrow in the next town, we’ll be somebody new.
These many lives we lead, are but wistful dreams come true.
We start our story over, maybe make amends,
But once we are back home again, we’re not who we’ve just been.
I try to be myself, find a good way through
Known for truth and love in life, to share with you and you
Someday our stories will collide, oh what can we do
But live in truth and love alone, to share with you, just you.
Live in truth and love alone, and find my way with you.
- Jenn D'Alessio
Floating Away

The tally is counted, lines drawn in the sand
And all that I've wanted I held in my hand
A simple desire and an easier plan
To be well aware of our dreams

Though life is so vital we hold it to be
The greatest of rivals, the wisest of thieves
And death seems to welcome my health and disease
What else would I then choose to see?

Well I've seen enough now then to know
To know that I'll never be sure
Of anything I've known as I go
And certainly nothing from here
We're floating away...

The warning before us, we went our own ways
The joy of discourse is the curse in our veins
No more do we search, we've accepted our fate
The king laying down his own crown

When mourning of weakness and rage of remorse
Come suddenly deepening our open sores
Stuck in the waves, losing sight of our shores
This anchor is pulling us down

Hey..we're floating away

I try to see what lies underneath
The shallow and the deep
The shadows we believe
The showoff and the meek

The ship of our misery has taken its course
No time to decide what is mine versus yours
Our vessel is breaking, our sails have been torn
And the wind is our master again

With courage we know that to stay is to die
But how can we win with an eye for an eye?
A villainous twist now begins in the sky
And I think we are living the end
- Josiah Solberg
Better Than Whiskey

Let's go, let's go, see they're heading down the road
Following the ticker-tape parade
Seeing old GC, contemplating joyously
Of liberty and the home that she has made
Let's go, let's go, we're headed to Bedloe's
Following the shouts and accolades
They're yearning to breathe free, send them tempest-tost to me
The wretched refuse long since cast away
And you stand for freedom, we're not defeated
It's better than whiskey and it warms my heart
Let's go, let's go on a boat on which we've stowed
Breathing of the freedom of the day
We'll find autonomy on an island in the sea
And liberty and the home that she has made
A whole new life we've found here for us
Opportunity, a people pure and just
And now we see for our home and family
Freedom, sovereignty for us
You're tarnished now and green, and just a bit obscene
A far cry from what once you were for us
Still watching everyday, Our freedom thrown away
Long thrown aside and trampled in the dust
You used to stand for freedom, we've been defeated
Give me the whiskey to still my heart
- Mike Ledwith
Get A Little Irish

If you're tired of the hipster boys and life has got you sour
You need a smile upon your face, you need not feel so dour
You need a celebration of all life has to give
A little Irish inside of you will make you feel festive
So go and read some Oscar Wilde or William Butler Yeats
Or go and kiss the Blarney Stone to help articulate
Or set aside your cosmo glass and try a Guinness Stout
A little Irish inside you will make you jump and shout
If you get a little Irish in you, if you get it in you hard
Pretend that you're a native from Kinsale or Granard
So drop a shot into your pint and then you'll start to swing
A little Irish inside you will make your heart sing
So we can talk of what to do, of all the in and outs
This is something which we should think long and hard about
We'll enjoy a little craic as long as we are here
A little Irish inside you will make you jump and cheer
If you get a little Irish in you your heart will start to sing
We'll talk of fields of Athenry and other sodding things
So drop a shot into your pint and then lay down your guard
You need a little Irish in you you need it good and hard
- Mike Ledwith
Broken Promises

I'm not the man I was
I don't know what became of him
I think he might be dead and gone
Buried and forgotten
A few too many lies
A few too many sins
A few too many promises
Were broken in the end
I take a drink of whiskey
Tastes of tears and broken hearts
I'd like to try it all again
But I don't know where to start
The blindness, the sympathy
The impotence and rage
The stupid empty ugliness
The battles that I waged...
But how can I begin again
When there's no good way to start?
An old man takes my arm
He asks me for a drop of gin
His broken battered face
I wonder what became of him
He probably had a sweetheart
A son a daughter too
Lost all through the empty years
The things he can't undo
We share a drop of sorrow
Its warmth it fills our hearts
I see my future just lying there
One I thought I could outsmart
His hopefulness, his Godliness
All tattered torn and stained
The persecution, the retribution
The love cast off in vain
But how can he begin again
When there's no good way to start?
The things I've done, the things I've said
The pettiness and spite
I'll let them go, I'll throw them off
All ghosts away in flight
The long and broken promises
I can't fullfil no more
I'll let them go, I'll exonerate
Faith I will try to restore
But how can we begin again
When there's no good way to start?
- Mike Ledwith
Lost In A Cage

Over time I just might lose my mind, my luck is wearing thin
Sobering thoughts and drunken lullabies are now my only friends
You wouldn't see the reasons I am wasted in the end
But it seems that time is wasted hiding places I have been
To see the world through troubled eyes, I'm blind and I can't win
When the trials of error covered by the tidal wave of sin
My comfort's been a lullaby that I've sung in my own head
It's a wonder I'm alive and more surprising I'm not dead
Faced with all the trouble I have made
The struggle only leaves me more afraid
And it seems I only find myself to blame
But it's easy to get lost inside a cage
In a cage time remains
Till my days forever strange
And my gaze a silent rage
Nothing to say, lost in a cage
My mind is being troubled by this life that I can't change
I've tried the drugs and drunk the sludge, but memories remain
The shades of my existence are too many to be named
I fight just for my freedom to remain under these chains
Loneliness, my holiness, can someone take control of this old soul?
My wish, though bold the risk, is never to hold onto this!
- Josiah Solberg

We talked about love, we talked about hate
And how after a time they start to abate
We talked about life we don't appreciate
We talked about death and how we can't relate
And all I want to do is stay here with you
Alone in our hideaway we dance the night away
And all I can say is you keep the pain away
We talked about pain, how it can be a gift
And how that's a fact you can easily miss
You told me about joy, I said I don't understand
Then you reached out and took my hand
You asked me about friends and why they go away?
I said its something that I just can't explain
Well maybe it's just life, and we'll never understand
You say I should let it go, it's all part of the plan
We talked about time, how it doesn't care
How it steals away...it somehow seems unfair
We talked about hope, how it cuts both ways
How it can lift us up while on our hearts it preys
And all you want to do we never outgrew
So we'll just chip away, have at least one good day
Maybe we'll meet halfway, let it all die away
- Mike Ledwith

Where is the life that I once led
So innocent and sublime?
We misunderstand, and run out of time
So many words left unsaid
Where is the joy we shared, my friend?
Together we felt so alive!
I know it’s not gone, I can’t say goodbye
Come journey with me to the end
Emptiness consumes my heart
Who are you to tell me
That it’s all okay, apart we will be
More together than at the start?
Every book has words to hide
The stories so cut and pasted
Open our pages, let no time be wasted
Discover what’s written inside
We toil, we laugh, we love ‘til we hurt
Cherish each other, our melodies wander
It’s then that I know what words cannot say
Hold on to each moment, we’ll be alright
These songs we sing, these notes we play
Bring us together each day
Somehow together, we’ll make our way
Knowing our music is here to stay
These songs we sing, these notes we play
Bring us together today
So gather around, sing a tune with us
For tomorrow’s a brand new day
- lyrics Jenn D'Alessio
  music Jenn D'Alessio, Thomas D'Alessio
Who I Am

I search for your face in my dreams
'Cause even there I want you next to me
And I sometimes can't even believe
That you found me
I can almost remember the times
Before I looked into your eyes
For that was the start of my life
And it's you and me
And all the weight of the world
Disappeared when you took my hand
You've got all the grace in the world
And you make me just who I am
When you tell me that you love me I know
That it's only from the love that you've shown
'Cause I wasn't the man that you've known
Before you found me
You bring out the best that I am
Even when I'm a mess of a man
We've struggled and tested our hand
But you still chose me
And I can't thank you enough
For being my best friend
And the need to tell you that when life is rough
I'll hold you until the end
Yes I'll show you, my best friend
Forever seems farther away
And my love for you stronger each day
All my faults and my fears fade away
When you are with me
Thank you for taking my hand
- Josiah Solberg
Dear Friends

The evening's almost over, it's almost time to leave you
It's been our pleasure singing for you our dearest friends
The bar they'll have to close down, we have to pack it up now
Before we say goodnight now, we'd like for you to know
We are all good friends now, we are friends and family
We'll finish this last song now
Then drink whiskey, gin and brandy
We'll raise a glass to goodwill, a promise we will fullfil
We're hoping that we'll see you soon
You our dearest friends
You know it's been our pleasure, one which we cannot measure
Drums guitar and violin we've played for you tonight
Everything's so crazy, with all you lovely ladies
Dancing quite delightful, and being oh so fine
It's time to say goodnight now, they're turning on the lights now
We're going back to our town, then we'll start it all again
It's time to say goodnight now, and this it is our true vow
We're hoping that we'll see you soon, you our dearest friends
- Mike Ledwith
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